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In 2017 came the idea to bring the Ecstatic Dance to all spaces around the world. In 2020, due to worldwide events, the idea manifested itself in two weeks. We did the web design, web development and all the radio server. Additionally, we also helped all the DJs to be able to play live on the radio. This project is far from done, we have plenty of ideas to bring to life and we will continue to grow this project!

Client: Ecstatic Dance Radio

Work: Web Design & Web Development

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User Experience

Our goal was to have the simplest user interface that anyone in any age range could understand. Although we have plenty of layout tweaks planned, we believe that we've reached that goal in such a small timeframe. We also wanted to have a seamless experience across all pages and devices and you can experience it while browsing through the website. For example, you can have the radio playing and navigate through the pages without reloading and stopping the music.

Performance & Security

The Ecstatic Dance Community is everywhere and growing every day! Our objective is to deliver the best experience possible to our end users, not only in one country but in any country, from fast to slow internet access. All of our current websites rely on a technology that allows us to have entire websites hosted on more than 180 servers around the world. In this way we have three huge benefits: (1) The website is instantaneous even with slow internet; (2) The website will not go down or slow if we have a huge spike of users entering the website; (3) The website is extremely secure as it doesn't have any sort of accessible backend. Below are some performance and security benchmarks tested from 18 locations around the world.

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