Picking App

UI/UX Development

Picking App


Working next to Albanet and Innfocus code teams, our job was to develop the UI/UX of this app keeping it simple, clear and responsive on multiple platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop).

Client: Albanet

Work: UI/UX Development

Management Software

Picking App is a very powerful tool developed by Albanet that allows companies to manage their data and inventories smart and quickly.

Responsive & Accessible

Picking App is for all workers and all platforms. You may work with gloves or with a mouse, you may work on a move or sitting in front of a computer, it goes with you.


It also had to be easy to integrate into the final client company. Respect client workflow and pipeline and not be disruptive. With this other key request, UI/UX design was made minimal and neutral. This way it would never invade final client habits and, if desired, it could also be customized without breaking.

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