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As a small barbershop, it is hard to maintain all your scheduling, especially when every client is talking to you through a different app. It gets even harder when you have drunk clients calling you at 4 am! With all this in mind, we created the perfect solution for the employees at Porta 45a. We created the website to be as simple as possible for any age range to make a schedule. When a schedule is made, the client receives a confirmation email and the employee receives all the client information on the Google Calendar on his smartphone and through the web dashboard.

Client: Porta 45a

Work: Web Design & Web Development

Check Project: porta45a.com

Scheduling Experience

Right from the beginning, we wanted to create a simple, intuitive and fast scheduling experience for all devices. You have a clear view and choice of what, when and with whom you want to schedule it. You have a simple calendar view with a timetable, the service and the employee, you type your name and phone and you’re done. You can even add your schedule to your Apple, Google, Yahoo and Outlook Calendar to make it easier to find. After the schedule is finished you receive an email with all the details. There is also the possibility to have SMS reminders and confirmations.

Booking Management

Our goal for our clients was to have an easy interface for them to manage and plan their day. They can do this through their mobile app and website. It's possible to check the schedule in daily, weekly and monthly views and when you click in the appointment all the details appear, like the name, contact, mail and service.

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